Art & Good News 10-1-2022

Starting with some art…

Today the art shared is Ghost because October and Halloween mark my favorite time of year. For this piece, I decided to draw a ghost dressed up as a ghost for Halloween, so it is wearing a bedsheet.

Good News Roundup

From the benefits of a cold water plunge to the possible revival of the first ever recorded plant extinction, there is a lot of good news this week to check out from Positive News.

Wow! News

Buzz stops: bus shelter roofs turned into gardens for bees and butterflies

Europe is stepping up innovative ideas to help pollinators thrive. Urban centers, which are not typically known for having green space, added “Bee Bus Stops” to the top of their bus shelter roofs. This initiative uses native plant life to create overall positive effects for local wildlife, bringing residents closer to and more aware of the nature around them.

Cars Are Vanishing from Paris

Paris is seeing a massive reduction in automobile traffic due to measures like banning diesel cars in the city center, reducing driver access to major streets, expanding green space, and promoting more ways to get around the city. They have also been working to implement the “15-minute city”, which works to make all of a resident’s leisure and work needs to be accessed by bike or walking no more than 15 minutes.

Health Benefits of Eating Mushrooms

So I will be honest with you all, I have never liked mushrooms. That said, I need to remember what my mom always said, if you cut it small enough, no one will know it is there. However, don’t forget to check people’s allergies. Mushrooms are high in vitamin D, an immune booster, disease preventer, keep you fuller longer, and are one of the most sustainable foods out there. So like it or not maybe we all should give mushrooms a try, I know I will.

88 Best Jimmy Carter Quotes About Hope & Human Rights

In honor of the 39th President’s Birthday, let’s all take in some quotes that will truly inspire and motivate. Here is but one to get you started …

We have to inspire our children and grandchildren to take on challenges and risks that at first may seem to be overwhelming, or even impossible. They need to understand that the only failure is not trying.

Jimmy Carter, in a speech at the 2016 meeting of the Coalition for Operational Research on Neglected Tropical Diseases

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