Art & Good News 10-8-2022

Starting with some art…

Today the art shared is Ancient. I am particularly proud of this piece because it was one of the first creations where my style started showing consistency.

Good News Roundup

From Parisians swimming in the Seine to e-ferries in Stockholm there is always a great news to be found at Positive News. Click the link to see what else went right this week.

Wow! News

Webb telescope, Hubble, and more: The 60 most amazing space photos so far

CBS News has collected some photos released from these telescopes, and the potential for what we can learn from these discoveries is never-ending. Check out the link for some of the most stunning space photos I have ever seen!

How carbon emissions got rebranded as ‘pollution’

Activists in California have rebranded carbon emissions as carbon pollution, and the change is altering how people interpret the problem of climate change. This language has even trickled up to the federal government. The EPA and White House have recently adopted the terminology to define and name the problem.

Rare Collection of 1940s Art Returns to Zimbabwe After 70 Years

I love going to museums to see all the art and history, but I am also an advocate of art remaining in its home country unless it is on loan to the museum for a time. This is a story about some art returned to its rightful place, and if I am lucky this stunning art will be on loan at my museum someday so I can see it!

How This Solar Town Survived Hurricane Ian Shows the Promise of a Green Energy Future

Interesting to see that when we look for sustainable affordable and resilient homes and energy sources that solar and wind always take the cake. It will not be an easy transition, but it is better for our pocketbooks as well as for the planet.

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