Art & Good News 10-22-2022

Starting with some art…

Strawberries are my favorite fruit. Since strawberry season is coming to a close where I live, this seemed an appropriate illustration to share. Don’t they look Tasty?

Good News Roundup

From news of a major UK bank taking steps to end fossil fuel investment to an amazing photo of bees that won Wildlife Photographer of the Year, there are plenty of good news nuggets to get us energized to make a better future here.

Wow! News

For the first time ever, Greece meets energy demands with 100% renewables

Many of you may have already heard, and I certainly saw it in a few places last week. That said, for at least 5 hours on October 7th, Greece met 100% of its energy needs with renewable energy. A win for the transition to cleaner and greener energy. Projections show Greece doubling its green energy needs by 2030 to at least 70%.

MacKenzie Scott donates record $84.5 million to Girl Scouts

I was never a girl scout, but this seems like a donation that will help foster more inclusion and community for girls around the united states. We need to foster more community and service amongst children, and Ms. Scott is clearly making that one of her philanthropic goals with her generous donation.

On New Zealand farm, scientists reduce cow burps to save the world

Saving the planet, one cow burp at a time. Scientists in New Zealand are answering the call to reduce methane from animals and farming by studying different ways to reduce the methane they produce. This study uses “Kowbucha,” a probiotic supplement mixed into a milk-like substance and fed to the calves. Current estimates are clocking at least a 20% reduction when the calves have the supplement.

See the Stunning Lobby Cards Keeping Silent Movies Alive

Some of my favorite movies are old movies; they don’t make them like they used to. That said, the preservation of old movies was not always as efficient as it is now, especially from the silent movie era. There is good news for movie buffs like me, a man with a collection of 10,000 movie cards is working with Dartmouth College to preserve them. The movie cards pre-date trailers, and in many cases, the movies no longer exist, making this our only window into the film’s existence. I find this to be a wonderful way to keep the memory of these films alive.

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