Art & Good News 10-29-2022

Starting with some art…

Happy Saturday; I hope your week was lovely. For art this week, I am sharing Dark, my first illustration of the moon. Remember that even when the world seems dark, there is light if you know where to look.

Good News Roundup

Who wouldn’t want their prescription for depression and anxiety to be surfing, dancing, or roller skating? How about the news that the demand for renewables is up? Maybe low-cost trains overtaking air demand is more your speed. All that and more is available in this week’s round-up from Positive News.

Wow! News

Residents across India celebrate Diwali with festivities and dazzling lights

Diwali represents the beginning of the Holiday marathon in our home, so I thought I would share this article about the celebrations in India from Monday.

Archaeologists Unearth 2,700-Year-Old Stone Carvings in Northern Iraq

While working on the restoration of Mashki Gate in Mosul, American and Iraqi archeologists uncovered carvings; which depict beautifully intricate carvings of grape vines, warriors, and palm trees. Luckily the carvings were preserved despite attempts by ISIS to destroy the gate, along with similar historical relics. Iraq is in the unique position of being one of the oldest places of civilization, so we need to preserve history like this when discovered.

Startup is Recycling Solar Panels Turning Waste into Valuable Material

An American company called Solar Cycle aims to close the loop on solar panels when they reach the end of life. The process, developed in Australia, can shred and separate all the valuable material to be reused.

Watch: This Penguin Got Fitted With Custom Shoes to Help Her Walk

Let’s wrap up the week with an adorable video of this penguin walking for the first time in two years.

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