Art & Good News 11-12-2022

Starting with some art…

So this bike wheel is not my best work. I made it for Inktober, and the prompt was ride which I did not find particularly inspiring. Since I was getting back into drawing, I’m unsure if my skills were quite what they should be. I hope your week was amazing!

Good News Roundup

Starting with good news in the Amazon, to female composers saved from obscurity, and even an Iranian actress posting without her headscarf. There are a lot of uplifting stories in this week’s roundup.

Wow! News

Misinformation Experiment Has Potential to ‘Inoculate’ Millions of Social Media Users

Treating misinformation like a virus that needs a vaccine has caused researchers at the University of Cambridge to develop a whole new approach to help people be aware of said misinformation online. This new technique is to be rolled out in various ways across youtube to inoculate viewers against lies masquerading as truth.

Cities are planting trees. Why not make them fruit trees?

Philadelphia and Baltimore are leading an initiative to plant fruit and nut-bearing trees in urban areas. However, cities all over the country are answering food insecurity and the heat effect from little tree cover in this creative and sustainable way.

Volunteers Etch Huge Poppies in Poignant Beach Tribute to War Heroes Ahead of Remembrance Day (11/11)

A group of volunteers helped a beach artist to create a 100-foot mural of poppies under a dove on Beadnell Bay in Northumberland, England, in honor of Remembrance Day. They also lined the bottom of the art with 104 poppy flags in honor of all the years since the end of the great war. It is a stunning tribute to veterans, and there is a video in the original article of everyone creating the art.

Daily meditation may work as well as a popular drug to calm anxiety, study finds

Stress and anxiety are becoming more common ailments for more and more people. However, a recent study (beginning before covid) showed that meditation is equally as effective as a prescription medication in calming anxiety.

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