Art & Good News 11-19-2022

Starting with some art…

No one likes to be Injured; I hope this bunny feels better soon. I also hope your week was wonderful, but if not, I hope this good news brings you some hope and joy.

Good News Roundup

Germany is leaving the Energy Charter Treaty (a huge step!), Malta is ending its blanket ban on abortion, and the London Library appointing Helena Bonham Carter (their first female) president. There is plenty of good news to go around in this week’s roundup.

Wow! News

In the Amazon rainforest, a giant fish makes a comeback thanks to settler and Indigenous cooperation

This story is a joyous culmination of what happens when people work together with conservation and sustainability in mind. Not only is the Amazon location becoming a sustainable producer of açaí, vegetable oils, and rubber while leaving the forest intact. With the added benefit of the pirarucu, a large endangered fish from the area, making a comeback to the lakes.

14-yo Crowned ‘America’s Top Young Scientist’ for Headphones That Treat Ear Infections With Blue Light

This article popped up in multiple places for me this week, so I felt I just had to share. Leanne Fan, a 14-year-old from San Diego, won 3M’s Young Scientist Challenge for designing headphones that use machine learning and blue light therapy to treat ear infections. This treatment has the potential to be a game-changing treatment for millions of people (especially children) the world over who have no access to healthcare.

Fast Fashion is Terrible for the Planet. Could Compostable Clothes Be a Solution?

It is great to see clothing companies that are thinking about how they can be the solution to the wasteful problem that is fast fashion. We need to be thinking about how to limit the damage that it poses to the environment. Shameless Plug I use teemill for my online shop, and their entire process is sustainable from beginning to end.

Bob Ross once painted only in gray for a colorblind fan. It was incredible.

As an artist (self-taught, I did take art classes but no art school), I feel that everyone should be aware of Bob Ross if they are not already. He is a calming person whose show would pop into my PBS as a constant reminder to me and many others that art is for everyone. This article talks about one such episode where Bob Ross painted only in greyscale, proving to a fan that anyone can paint, even if you’re colorblind. This was so inspiring to me that I had to share.

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