Art & Good News 12-17-2022

Starting with some art…

Gigi is one of my favorite characters to draw. I created her for my daughter based on a favorite stuffed animal of hers. I realize it is very Winnie the Pooh, but hey work from what you know right? This is an early drawing from when I was still working out the character’s look.

Good News Roundup

Curing incurable Leukemia, Defunding fossil fuels, Belgium is taxing private jets to curb emissions and more good news in my favorite weekly roundup.

Wow! News

US scientists reach long-awaited nuclear fusion breakthrough, source says

While this is a long way off from being commercially viable, the breakthrough is a massive win for the future of clean energy. When nuclear fusion, which is the same power source that powers the sun, can be scaled up we can drastically reduce or eliminate our dependence on fossil fuels. To be fair this is still years away but still great news.

30% of Barbados Seas to be Protected Under “Blue Bond” Financing That Saved The Seychelles

Barbados has committed to conserving 30% of its territorial waters but was unsure of how to fund the initiative given its national debt. Enter the Nature Conservancy who announced they will be working with partners to buy up some of that debt to free up funding to achieve the goal. This will allow them to invest in conservancy at an ecosystem scale that will not only protect biodiversity but the tourism that comes from the world over to see it.

Man transforms work desk into epic ‘Polar Express’ train

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