Art & Good News 12-24-2022

Starting with some art…

If I said the word hammer to you what would be your first thought? A hammerhead shark was mine when I first saw this prompt. I hope you had an amazing week, and whatever holiday you celebrate be joyous and merry and filled with family and friends.

Good News Roundup

This Week Positive News has a yearly roundup of 25 stories that went right. More of the stories than you would think are related to progress on clean energy, climate action, and conservation. However, there are also stories about medical advancements and social progress. If you get time take a look, you won’t be disappointed.

Wow! News

Renewable energy production hits new record in SA, as expert predicts more milestones to fall soon

South Australia managed to produce 100% of its energy using renewables for an entire week. From December 12th to the 19th, they ran almost entirely on wind and solar (there was a small percentage of gas-produced energy used at points in the evenings). There are also expectations that they can run for an entire month at the beginning of the new year, which is amazing.

Goodnight, sweet spacecraft: NASA’s InSight lander may have just signed off from Mars

The InSight lander has most likely sent its last sign-off. The machine has provided countless amounts of valuable information about the martian surface and seismometer to measure Marsquakes. Insight is also known for the most comprehensive weather data of any mission to Mars. This is an amazing feat and while we won’t be getting more data from it anymore there are still two other rovers currently on the red planet doing all kinds of interesting research.

More than fun and games: Celebrations can benefit your health and well-being

This study found that participating in celebrations centered around food and drink can increase the amount of social support you feel you have. This in turn is associated with health and well-being along with increased life span as well as decreased anxiety and depression. So go out into the world and celebrate this holiday season!

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