Art & Good News 1-21-2023

Starting with some art…

Sharing my illustration of Zelda today. This version was originally my least favorite version. However, as time has gone on it is now one of my favorites. I hope you all have had a wonderful week.

Good News Roundup

Renewables in Great Britain have produced more energy than gas in a time when energy insecurity is on everyone’s minds. A study has confirmed what most of us should know, that time in nature reduces dependency and need for drugs like antidepressants. Also there is increased interest in studying the balance between sitting for work and how active we should be to reduce the ill effects it has on our bodies. See all these stories and more in today’s roundup.

Wow! News

Swiss company that counts Microsoft as a customer says it’s removed CO2 from the air and put it in the ground

Climeworks had announced that they have successfully removed CO2 from the atmosphere and sequestered it into the ground where it will eventually turn into a rock. This process has been verified by an independent third party. They also count Microsoft, Shopify, and Stripe among their customer base of companies who have bought future carbon removal to help kickstart this industry. This is by no means the answer to all our carbon problems but if it works it will be a huge help to climate change.

90-Year-old Woodcutter Built his Own Hobbit House Where He Lives Off-Grid in Charming Comfort

A 90-year-old man in Scotland coincidentally created a Hobbit house that is off the grid and stunning to look at. Stuart Grant has never seen the films, and after spending his life working as a carpenter and joiner, spent his retirement years rebuilding this 200-year-old home out of sheer joy.

James Webb Space Telescope uncovers starbirth clues at ‘cosmic noon’ for 33,000 young stars

The Webb telescope never ceases to amaze us, and this current release of images is opening the door for massive increases in our understanding of the formation of stars. It will be interesting to see how the information we are gleaning from Webb will add to our current understanding of star formation. Follow the link below to see the amazing image shared by Webb.

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