Art & Good News 1-28-2023

Starting with some art…

Did anyone ever play this growing up? Towers come in all shapes and sizes but learning to balance our lives is what I am pretty sure this game taught me as a kid. I hope your week was wonderful.

Good News Roundup

Positive tipping points offering hope, the world reaching peak fossil fuels for electricity, and a low-fi solution to plastic pollution showed promise in this week’s good news roundup.

Wow! News

Green Fuel Pulled From The Air

What if we could pull fuel from the air? A company in France called Sun to X, claims to have a device that takes sunlight and water from the air creating clean hydrogen as fuel. This would green up hydrogen as a viable clean fuel if it is shown to work and be scaleable.

Lab-grown alternatives aim to cut palm oil dependence

No matter what you do and how hard you try you interact with palm oil daily, however, palm oil leads to deforestation and ecosystem destruction. A growing initiative to replace palm oil with a more sustainable option grown from yeast may be the solution to the problem. If these alternatives take root then we could get a more sustainable alternative soon.

Elephants could be key to saving the planet – Here’s why

A study has found that as mega-herbivores elephants could be a major key to helping carbon-locking dense trees thrive in jungles. This is because they prefer eating from trees with lower wood density and they tend to spread seeds as they make their way around the jungle. We really should be looking at how best to balance these ecosystems so that they can thrive and it seems like elephants could be a vital part of that pursuit.

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