Art & Good News 2-4-2023

Starting with some art…

This elephant illustration is from around the time of the first lockdowns. However, I feel it is still relevant, given that it is winter where I live, and that is always a time when illnesses spread. I hope you all had a wonderful week.

Good News Roundup

Both Great Britain and the United States took steps to protect large temperate rainforests. A French study concluded that increasing tree cover in cities to 30 percent could reduce heat-related deaths by about 39 percent. And green jobs are booming in England in this week’s roundup of good news.

Wow! News

Good News: Pope Francis Calls on World to Decriminalize Homosexuality

This article is not new news but amazing news all the same. While the Catholic church still has a long way to go on inclusion, and while I feel like they could do more, this is a huge step forward from one of the most progressive popes we have had in a long time. Hopefully, this will be a great step forward and will open more people’s minds and hearts.

National parks along Lake Superior to be first to fully decarbonize

Five national parks spanning three states have put together a plan that will fully decarbonize within four years. All five parks are working together to take advantage of the money made available from the Infrastructure and Inflation Reduction Act to install solar arrays, install heat pumps, and replace gas with electric cars. There will be challenges, but the Parks hope to be an example and a blueprint for other National parks across the country.

A librarian collects all the things left in books — from love letters to old photos

It is amazing what people leave behind in books returned to the public library. This article is about the collection of all the notes, cards, and photos found in books returned to the Oakland Public Library. It is enough to make me wonder what I have left behind in library books when I return them.

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