Art & Good News 2-18-2023

Starting with some art…

This week I am sharing an awful quick sketch I did of my cat. This never felt like my best work, but my cat can be so bizarre that maybe it is appropriate that he looks off. I hope you all had a wonderful week.

Good News Roundup

Australia has canceled a project for a coal mine near the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland. Scientists found a link between avalanches and increased biodiversity. Heat pumps are growing in popularity as homes in the Netherlands shift away from gas boilers in anticipation of a ban. See more good news stories in this week’s roundup.

Wow! News

Navajo Nation Council sets historic leadership

The Navajo Nation has traditionally had a male-dominated leadership. However, Crystalyne Curley has changed that by becoming the first woman to hold the speaker position in Navajo history. It is wonderful to see more gender parity among all different types of organizations, and Crystalyne is excited to work for her people to prioritize basic infrastructure needs.

Deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon falls in first month under Lula

Lula is putting his money where his mouth is, and the data shows a 61% reduction in deforestation in the Amazon. Anti-Logging raids began in the middle of January, which is wonderful news. However, we cannot forget that it may take years to fully reverse the destruction inflicted by deforestation in recent years.

Old Batteries from Electric Vehicles Get New Life Powering California’s Grid

Electric cars are everywhere right now; you cannot even turn on the Super Bowl without every other ad being an EV commercial. While this is great for the planet and our pocketbooks, I cannot help but wonder what will happen to the batteries from these cars once they are off the road? Are we just replacing one type of waste with another? Enter a company in California that uses old EV batteries to store energy that can then be sold back to the grid. I hope we see more companies implementing solutions like this.

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