Art & Good News 2-25-2023

Starting with some art…

Most people have heard of cardinals and their connection to dead loved ones. When I was young, I remember feeling connected to cardinals because they were my grandfather’s favorite bird (either that or it was because red was his favorite color). No matter the reason, these are still one of my favorite birds, so here is a drawing of a male and female cardinal. I hope you had a great week.

Good News Roundup

Women get the right to menstrual leave. The largest study on the four-day workweek has proven to be a benefit all around. The Mediterranean diet has found another added cancer-fighting benefit to its awesomeness. All these and more amazing stories are at the link below.

Wow! News

EU Approves Ban on New Gas or Diesel Cars by 2035

The EU is following similar laws passed in New York and California by passing a ban on the sale of gas-powered cars beginning in 2035. They have also gone so far as to plan for required emission reductions in the same time frame for cars that run on gas. We have a long way to go, but every step in the right direction is good for the planet and ourselves.

Hawaii is the first US state to finally ban shark fishing

Unlike the movie Jaws, sharks are not a threat to human life. Making this law a welcome protection for an apex predator species that is responsible for the existence of a healthy ocean ecosystem. Shark populations are in decline, and laws like this that protect them shows that governments and people understand the importance of saving them. The Hawaiian Government should be applauded for taking the need for a balanced ecosystem seriously.

How sea turtle poachers in the Philippines became protectors working to save endangered species

In the Philippines, poachers have switched sides and are helping to preserve the sea turtles they once hunted. Conservation efforts are important to maintaining healthy ecosystems. I love this story because it shows us that people want to do what is right for the planet.

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