Art & Good News 3-18-2023

Starting with some art…

Bubbles, to me, signify spring and being outside. While we are still in the throws of winter where I am, I keep hoping for warmer weather and flowers popping up and blooming. I hope your week was wonderful and that you have a relaxing weekend planned.

Good News Roundup

Women in Iran are using dance as a protest. A study proved what most already knew, that the Mediterranean diet reduces dementia, slows aging, and speeds up recovery from cancer among other health benefits. Vinyl records are out pacing CDs in sales for the first time since 1987. All these stories and more in this weeks roundup.

Wow! News

The incredible future of clean energy: electricity made out of thin air

Scientists from Australia have discovered an enzyme from a bacteria that takes in hydrogen and expels it as energy. Once the scientists were able to isolate the enzyme, they found that it had a resistance to oxygen as well as adaptable long-term storage. It would be like having a limitless battery. At this point, the Huc, as it’s called, cannot power much, but they say that it could power small devices and eventually even things as large as cars.

How Tokyo’s Farms Have Survived for Centuries

In Tokyo, lawmakers have come up with an ingenious way to support urban farming. As a result, you can find family-owned farms that have been around for hundreds of years hidden amongst the highrises and lights of the urban metropolis. They give special tax subsidies to the farmers by having them register as Productive Green Areas, and this thirty-year-old law was just offered its first extension, which almost everyone eligible took. What a great way to keep good food close to those who will use it.

Gas-Less Gas Stations

Shell is investing in the future with these “Gas” stations. The station, which is in Fulham London, removed all of its gas tanks and installed fast car charge ports that are powered by solar-powered awnings. The stations can charge a Tesla model 3 in thirty minutes and have set up more shopping options for people to use while they wait for their cars. If Shell, one of the largest gas retailers in the world, can make this kind of investment in the future of driving then who knows what amazing things the future holds.

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