Art & Good News 3-25-2023

Starting with some art…

Sometimes you just need to make up your characters. Making your character within another creator’s sandbox can be tricky because you want to honor the world but still be unique. This was inspired by the drawing prompt Robot; I chose to design an R2 unit for myself. So meet R2-R9 because if I had to travel through space, I would want this little guy by my side.

Good News Roundup

A new report from the World Happiness Report has found that humanity has become more benevolent since the pandemic began. The Energy Transitions Commission has a report that finds that only 1.3% of the Global GDP is all that is required to decarbonize the world economy. Germany has launched a €49 monthly public transit pass that includes unlimited rides on regional trains, buses, trams, and metro services. All of these and more are in this week’s blog and roundup.

Wow! News

500 Baby Sharks to be Released in Unprecedented Rewilding of the Ocean

A massive rewilding of zebra sharks from Indonesia is being undertaken by a consortium of 44 aquariums from 15 countries. The sharks have been over-hunted and are at risk of going extinct, making this first-of-its-kind reintroduction an important undertaking for the future of the species.

‘A living pantry’: how an urban food forest in Arizona became a model for climate action

A community in Phoenix, which is the third fastest-warming city in the nation, has implemented a unique 30-year project to combat climate change. They are planting native plants to create a food-secure and cooler natural space. It is kept thriving by rainwater and uses drought-resistant plants to divert that rainwater from the city streets, and the cooling effect from the shade can be up to 30 degrees different.

This Eye in the Sky Promises Major Insights Into the Air We Breathe

NASA and the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory have collaborated on a new satellite that will measure air pollution at a neighborhood level. TEMPO, or Tropospheric Emissions: Monitoring of Pollution, is launching this April and will be giving us insight into this hard-to-spot problem. It will be used to monitor the relationship between pollution and weather patterns. Hopefully, it will inform scientists, decision-makers, and concerned citizens of the knowledge to take actionable steps.

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