Art & Good News 4-1-2023

Starting with some art…

Fan art is a tricky thing. You want to create an homage to a creative endeavor you love, but it is not your original idea. Mario is a property I grew up with, and sharing this illustration is my way of sharing that love with all of you wonderful people.

Good News Roundup

A new study expects the population to peak at under nine billion. Thanks to the booming green energy economy, the race to net zero is well underway, with the United States currently leading the way thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act. Cheetahs have not only been successfully reintroduced but are also breeding in India which is a major win for biodiversity. All this and more in this and more in this week’s roundup.

Wow! News

This miraculous enzyme might be the answer to living longer, healthier lives

Researchers from the University of Virginia have found that a common enzyme that is used to eliminate alcohol from the body may also be instrumental in helping us live longer healthier lives. It is called AMAR and it breaks down fats in our bodies that build up as we age, allowing us to maintain a leaner body and slow aging. It also reduced the onset of age-related diseases such as obesity, loss of muscle, and neurological decline in the test subjects. While further study is required this is looking to be a very promising development.

Women take the wheel for safer tourism in Satpura Tiger Reserve

The Madhya Pradesh government in India has been appointing women drivers to take tourists on safaris in the Satpura Tiger Reserve. They are looking to give more women employment opportunities in high tourist destinations while helping to ensure female tourists’ safety in these spots. The initiative is designed to increase opportunities for women in local communities in traditionally male-dominated professions. The Forest department has also been appointing women as tourist guides as well. It is wonderful to see equal opportunities coming to places where child marriages are still commonplace.

Four Pandemic Responses That Changed Life for the Better

Live-streamed events and the proliferation of telehealth and zoom classes are just the beginning of things that changed for the better due to covid. We also gave more power to the worker to work how and where they want (take me for example, pre-covid, I struggled to find work from home now I have my pick). We have also made massive progress towards a greener and more sustainable circular economy. And finally, we have seen an increase in more pedestrian-friendly bike lanes and travel options.

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