Art & Good News 3-11-2023

Starting with some art…

If you like to plant a garden as spring is coming, then don’t forget about the pollinators when planting that garden. I am a big fan of wildflowers, and my yard is often covered in bees and butterflies. Our family can be annoyed by the bees sometimes, but if you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you. I hope you had an amazing week.

Good News Roundup

Protected status is granted to the world’s oceans. NASA selects its first woman as Head of Science. India launches its first female cricket league. The Discovery of a new enzyme may hold the key to limitless green energy. All these and more amazing news in this week’s roundup.

Wow! News

James Webb Space Telescope ‘sees triple’ with help from Einstein

A light-bending phenomenon predicted by Albert Einstein has allowed the James Webb telescope to photograph a supernova as it hosts a galaxy three times at different points in said galaxy’s history. This is achieved because the cluster is so massive that light takes different paths around, allowing for the light to arrive at its destination at different times.

International Women’s Day: 15 trailblazing women making the world better

In honor of International Women’s Day, I am sharing this article from Positive news about 15 amazing and trailblazing women. Though, I would also point out that all women are amazing. So to all of you Happy International Women’s Day!

Climate change: New idea for sucking up CO2 from air shows promise

A new method for removing CO2 from the air is proving three times as effective as current direct air capture methods. The method, which borrows from an underwater technique, was modified to allow for direct air capture by absorbing carbon dioxide and converting it into baking soda. The baking soda can then be safely stored in seawater without adverse effects. This is a huge leap forward, and if we want to keep the planet from warming too much, methods like this are going to be instrumental, along with carbon reduction, in keeping our planet safe and habitable.

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